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With authenticity, individuality and the gift of empowerment. Mindful Health Therapies embraces providing its clients to live positive, healthy and self healing lives. 

Mindful Health Therapies helping you heal, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Mindful Health Therapies Vision

Taking care of our physical, emotional and mental health are fundamentals to achieving a healthy balance to our personal wellbeing and learning positive strategies to manage these parts of our lives allows us to have a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Mindful Health Therapies works to help clients achieve their goals in life, whether this be recovery from injury, managing long-term chronic pain, reduce stress, provide strategies to relax, lose weight or improve overall health and fitness.


Mindful Health Therapies works closely with clients to gain insight into how they can support their clients whether it be through Sports Injury and Remedial Massage, Bespoke Personal Training, Yoga, Meditation and Pilates.



Certified Sports Massage & Remedial Therapist & Well-being Coach

Health and fitness has been a pivotal element to my life since being a child, always finding it an outlet to reduce stress and manage how I feel in life emotionally. Over the past twenty years I have spent a great deal of time undertaking various study and research, exploring my passions for health and wellbeing.


My main focus over the past tens years has been on how the mind and body manages pain and the different elements of pain whether physical, mental or emotional and how fitness and wellness can impact this positively.

My work for me is about empowering my clients so they have the knowledge, skill and curiosity to develop their own strategies to live a happy, health life.



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