gemma's story

Hello You,


Health and Fitness has been a fundamental part of my life since exploring dance at a young age and living out in the countryside as a child, having to cycle to go anywhere or jumping off hay bales at my friend’s farm.


It has always brought me joy in life and I guess one of the reasons why I ended up going into this as a career, it wasn’t quite straight forward for me I felt destined to do something creative, but even after completing an arts degree and working in the education sector  I always kept teaching and working to help people improve their health and wellbeing.

I have been in the industry for twenty years now and it never fails to amaze me, the science and research of the human body and how health and fitness positively impacts people’s lives is incredible.


Over the last decade I’ve really deepened my passion and knowledge on Yoga and Injury Rehab, for me Yoga allows me to connect physically and emotionally with my body in a way other forms of exercise hasn’t, although I enjoy running for the fact I’m solely focusing on breathing and getting through it, which means my brain cannot engage in anything else.


There are so many different forms of exercise and that’s what’s so wonderful about the industry, we’re all different and need different ways to unwind and become healthier. This is always how I work with clients in bespoke personal training, exercise can be for everyone, but it’s finding the right style, time and level for you the individual.