I’ve worked within various educational environments over the years ranging from primary, secondary, further and higher education.


Over the past five years I’ve worked extensively in higher education delivering sessions to help the emotional and mental wellbeing of students and staff, alongside working full time in delivering projects and research on student experience and improving retention and reduction of withdrawal rates.

Due to this I have experience, combined with my health and fitness knowledge I have extensive knowledge on how to improve customer service, staff wellbeing and staff retention.


I work with organisations to deliver workshops and on projects to deliver improved staff experience and culture, Mindful Health Therapies also offers package deals to allow their staff to have access to the Mindful Yogi Portal, providing employees with tools to find strategies to reduce stress and improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.


  • What is engagement/staff experience and how we can improve our employee experience/ engagement?

  • Peer Mentoring in the workplace, how can this work and improve support systems for employees?

  • Everyday Meditation in the workplace

  • Healthy Eating to increase your energy at work

  • Office Yoga/Pilates

  • Back Care in the workplace

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