Wanting to change the Health and Wellbeing in your work environment?

Mindful Health Therapies offers an array of services to

help you create an engaged, healthy workforce.


I'm Gemma, Director and Founder of Mindful Health Therapies

working in the Health and Wellness industry for over  twenty years.

I've seen many health and wellbeing fads come and ago, the one thing

that has always remained a consistent theme though is wellness.


Wellness for me is taking a 360 approach in relation to your

Health and Wellbeing, the mind, the body and our habits all

influence our wellness.


Mindful Health Therapies is here to support your organisation

and workforce to feel empowered to take care of their wellness,

transform morale, productivity, community and belonging

in the work environment.


Mindful Health Therapies offers a unique approach to delivering

Health and Wellbeing programs, Gemma the Director and Founder

of Mindful health Therapies has spent a number of years collaborating,

researching and delivering programmes in customer/client engagement,

retention and their experience.  

Due to this knowledge and experience, combined with a Health,

Wellness and Health and Safety background.  

Gemma can help you to improve customer service, staff wellbeing,

staff retention and their engagement.

Helping to create a strong sense of community and

investment from staff within their organisation. 

We spend 1/3 of our life within the workplace, so it is essential to ensure we can create the best working environment for our workforce. 


Mindful Health Therapies works with organisations to deliver workshops, downloadable programs and collaborate on projects to deliver improved staff experience and culture. 


Mindful Health Therapies also offers corporate packages with access to the Mindful Yoga Portal a space which provides employees with tools to find strategies to reduce stress and improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.


Management Workshops

What is engagement/staff experience and how we can improve our employee experience/ engagement?

It is great to deliver wellbeing programmes within the workplace, but how can we get staff to engage and why should we care about staff engagement?

This workshop focuses on the psychology of why when we engage our staff and deliver a great staff experience, not only does morale change, but also productivity and we can reduce sickness.


Understanding what engagement is and looks like is key to making changes, this simple workshop provides managers with understanding of how we can improve the work experience and also what foundations are needed to create an engaged team and set of employees. 

Peer Mentoring in the workplace, how can this work and improve support systems for employees?


Peer mentoring is a really engaging tool to help develop staff and encourage peer support, it can improve morale, productivity and help develop and deepen staff relationships in the working environment. This workshop covers success stories within the work environment, a framework and guidance on how to create your own engaging peer support program. 

Consultation Projects 

Mindful Health Therapies can help you with delivering engaging health and wellbeing programmes, peer support systems and staff experience, this is done in collaboration, understanding your organisation and your organisational needs is key. Working with your staff in focus groups to learn their needs is also an asset to creating engaging programmes that work to deliver for both employees and the organisation. 

Workforce Workshops 

Mindful Health Therapies has an array of workshops which can be delivered in person and via online depending on your location and needs, workshops can also be designed and created to aid the specific needs of the organisation, so contact Gemma to discuss further. I also can create downloadable content such as video and recordings, suited to your organisational needs. 

  • Everyday Meditation in the workplace

  • Healthy Eating to increase your energy at work

  • Deskside Yoga/Pilates

  • Back Care in the workplace

Downloadable Content

  • Mindfulness

  • Breathing to calm the mind and body

  • Deskside Yoga/Pilates

  • Mindful Walk


Masters in Education

Nebosh Diploma A/B/D

Nebosh Certificate 

Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Management in Higher Education 

Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Management in Higher Education

Certificate in Safety & Environmental Management with Nebosh

Bachelor of Arts Interactive & Digital TV Design

CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management & Leadership 

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Having personally experienced some of Gemma's work based workshops during well-being weeks and online sessions at home, I can honestly say that she has a great range of techniques and packages for all types of individuals, learners and organisations that are not just great on the day you do them but can be integrated regularly and easily into your daily life.

Paula - Non Exec Director, Entrepreneurship Manager, Partnership Builder, Business Developer, Sustainable Development Advocate / The University of Hull

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Anlaby Park, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU4 6XD  


 Tel: 07805350401

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