I’ve been teaching Pilates since 2003 and it has incredible benefits to the body, allowing us to become more conscious in how we physically move and activating our core strength, all our movement comes from our core, so becoming aware of how this functions can make a significant difference particularly to those with various back injuries and conditions.

Pilates history dates back to the 1920, to Joseph Pilates who whilst imprisoned as a German enemy alien in the UK, he was interned as a nurse and developed how to help those injured in war through various exercises and equipment. These exercises are still used today and can make a difference to our lives.

I deliver small group classes at a local studio and provide bespoke one to one work for clients also, a great deal of my rehabilitation advice draws on Pilates as it has so many benefits.


If you would like to discuss working together further, I offer a free initial consultation please click on the link here.

Bespoke Pilates Sessions 2 x 30 Mins per month via zoom £35.00

Bespoke Pilates Sessions 1 x 1hour session via zoom £30.00

Bespoke Pilates packages via zoom 6 x 30 Minute sessions £180.00

Bespoke Pilates via zoom 6 x 1hour sessions £160.00

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