Feeling Ungrounded, Stressed, Tired and that your body needs some TLC?

Look no further, the Mindful Yogi Portal is here to help...


The Mindful Yogi Portal offers 5 live streaming sessions per week, allowing you

to practise yoga in the safe comfort of your own home.

The sessions vary for beginners through to those who've been

practising yoga, breathwork or meditation for many years, there is something for everyone.

The portal has a library of Yoga, Breathing and Meditation Flows of all

different lengths, if you miss a session you can follow a video in your own time. 


You can access the portal and train whenever you want in your busy life and receive

valuable yoga, meditation and relaxation advice from Gemma.


The Mindful Yogi Portal aim helps you achieve a mind and body connection, increase your overall strength and flexibility, alongside improving your overall health and find

simple strategies to relax and manage anxiety.

Sarah (Mindful Yogi Member)

"Gemma is a very caring teacher who put a lot of effort into her classes, she helps you achieve your potential and puts you at ease. I love her poems and meditation; I find her voice very reassuring and relaxing."

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