Being Brave

Over the past year I have had the following statement said to me many a times "Oh you're brave." They always laugh when I respond with "You think?" Last year I took the decision to take voluntary redundancy and set up my own Sports Injury and Wellbeing Clinic, I had longed to be self-employed for a long time and it felt like the time was right.

Last week my yearly work congratulations floated up on LinkedIn and people started saying congratulations and suddenly it sent me into reflective mode of all I had achieved this past year.

As I discussed it with a long-term friend though, they said they always looked at me as the risk taker, the adventurer the one to take a leap of faith. This surprised me at first and then I realised yes this is me, it's part of the make up of me. There has been many times in my life when I decided to make a change, when I was 18 studying at Huddersfield University I decided to withdraw, as Marketing, Retail and Distribution wasn't me. I throw myself into the world of health and fitness and gained a great deal of qualifications, but by the age of 21, I yearned to learn more and went back to University, gaining a degree in Interactive and Digital TV Design on finishing I took a gamble and followed my then partner abroad. In those two years I felt so brave, I had to learn new languages and make new friends, new family and when it came to leaving I was heart broken.

I came back to the UK and ended up back in the fitness industry, I always kept teaching fitness, particularly Yoga and Pilates even whilst abroad, I loved seeing how people developed, changed and learnt to love their bodies.

I settled into management roles in the industry, but I still didn't feel fulfilled, I constantly undertook further training and volunteer roles to learn and develop more. Then I moved over into retention and engagement in Higher Education, it felt natural the health industry is always focusing on retention it's one of it's biggest hurdles to overcome in the fitness industry.

For a while I settled, I became a Mum and my aspirations for self employment took a side line, I focused on getting my Masters and doing further volunteer work. Even in my role in Higher Education, I constantly pulled on my health and wellbeing knowledge and last year I realised I need to be brave again and jump.

In setting up my business this past year, I'm quite happy to say I've made a few mistakes and a few mis-judgements of people, but I feel like I am in the right place. Even during lockdown, this statement of "being brave" has been repeated, I've had to pivot and learn what I really want and what value I give me and in doing so I've lost some things, but I've gained so much.

I don't think of myself as brave, I just see me making choices to allow me to feel whole and happy, for me it's not about the financial aspect, don't get me wrong I still have bills to pay.

As long as I can live the life I live and bring a better quality to someone's life through either my hands on therapy or my teaching I feel blessed and happy.

So my question is how are you being brave?

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