Finding you're hidden super power in a lockdown world...

This time has been so unique and unusual and that is how I have referred to it continuingly throughout, my thoughts being that if I use positive language this time won't be so hard.

In honesty there has been days were I have cried, days were I've popped my 4 year old in the shower and had a moment to just collect my thoughts, there has been days we as a family have laughed and had precious time together we would never have had.

So when I say 'finding a hidden super power during lockdown' what do I mean exactly? I think although we have all had challenges, there has been ways in which we have overcome the challenges in front of us. I've seen individuals take on challenges that they would have never had the time to do previously or invest in themselves in new and innovative ways. Non-runners becoming runners, people out walking taking time out in the fresh air who may not normally do this and well I've seen some impressive jigsaw puzzles.

I've been surprised at times by my own resilience and acceptance, taking on the challenge of setting up a new business The Mindful Yogi Portal alongside my Sports Injury and Remedial Massage business. If someone had said to me, during one of the most challenging times your business faces you will innovative and set up another business. I may have chuckled and said 'You're having a laugh.' Yoga and meditation has always been one of my passions and in this time I've shared more and more of my knowledge, knowing how it has helped me in my wellbeing and how it can help others and their wellness.

2020 has certainly thrown us all a few curveballs, but hopefully you're finding the positives even in the challenges and finding your own superpower. For me its been a resilience and inner strength I didn't know I could have.

Keep smiling and keep sane.

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