Five random things about me

I figured I write a blog post for you to learn a little bit more about me, Gemma the Sports and Remedial Therapist and Yogi, so where to start...

I've always loved moving my body since being a small child, whether it was through dance, netball, hockey, horse-riding and running. I remember as a child once just running loops round our old home out in the countryside and my Mom asking "Why are you running Gemma." My response was "Its feels good." I remember the feeling of being out of breath, being exhausting, but feeling free and I guess this was the discovery of how exercise and movement can help you in life.

I love water, whether it's too drink, swim or just be by, for me what cleanses, calms and revives me, if I can be anywhere I would say it's always preferable to be by water.

I don't drink tea and as an English person, even when I lived abroad it seems to not drink tea, particularly when English is just weird . Sometimes I've even agreed to a cup of tea just because someone has already began to make me one or to avoid being seen as odd, insane right. I can say that I haven't obliged having a tea now for at least 3 years.

I suffer with imposter syndrome way more often then I would like too, it's something I've struggled with for years, but I keep working on a healthy attitude towards it. It's partially one of the reasons I'm addicted to learning.

I'm addicted to learning, its why I took my degree, my masters, various postgrad study and numerous training courses, I'm curious about so many things in life that I just want to learn.

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