The Mindful Yogi Portal story & my promise to you…

As a professional Yoga teacher, yogini and founder of the Mindful Yogi Portal, I have one goal in mind: helping you find time out for you, no need to travel, just roll your mat out at home and allow your mind and body to become stronger, calmer and more empowered in your own body.

How it all began

Being clear on how to help my mind and body hasn’t always been that simple and even now there are days when I struggle, and I have to go back to basics. Over the past 15 years I’ve had a number of physical and emotional traumas, which each time has been made easier by bringing myself back to meditation and yoga. Each time I come to the mat a sense of peace and tranquility comes over me and it strengthens my mind and body.

I originally started out in the fitness industry seeking the perfect body and this lead me to an unhealthy place, surrounded by those who focused solely on their exteriors and not their interiors, to love ourselves fully we need to start with an inside job. At 23 I went on to train in Body Balance with Les Mills and got a taste for Yoga, which lead to me then training in Fitness Yoga this gave me a slightly deeper knowledge and understanding. Then at 25 I left the UK to spend two years abroad teaching English as a Foreign language and fitness yoga, I had the time to read and expand my knowledge further and my passion for yoga, meditation and relaxation grew. I learnt how transformational Yoga can be, finally I had what felt like a secret weapon to help my mind, body and soul. Once back in the UK I furthered my knowledge and took my Level 4 Yoga and wanted to create a safe space to share my knowledge with others.

A career with a mission

Learning about Yoga and meditation had such a positive impact on my life and how I could help others, over the past 17 years I’ve been lucky to meet and work with knowledgeable teachers who have expanded my mindset and skill. None of this compares to the kick I get out of sharing my knowledge, when I teach and see someone else feel at one with themselves.

Helping you feel your best inside and out

I know that sometimes people think of yogi’s as healthy, clean bodied souls and that achieving headstands and putting your foot behind your ear seems impossible and isn’t going to be you, but I’m here to tell you Yoga can be for everyone. I’m certainly no bendy Bertha, as my body has got older I’ve had to adjust my practice for me its not about getting into super complex positions, its about allowing my mind and body take me on a journey every time I hit the mat and being happy wherever it falls.

I want to share my knowledge and the space for you to have the opportunity to see the benefits yoga can bring to your life safely and effectively in your own home. I created the Mindful Yogi Portal, a safe online space to connect with others in online zoom yoga and meditation sessions, develop you're knowledge and take your practice further with the online video library full of mini flows and guided meditation. A space you can come to that can fit around your life to empower yourself to give your mind and body compassion, strength and wellbeing.

Thank you

I’m so grateful to you for allowing me to share the Mindful Yogi Portal. It brings me great pleasure and happiness to be able to help people find their own path on the mat.

With love and light


Yoga Teacher & Yogi Portal Founder

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