I have been practising various style of Yoga and teaching Yoga since 2003, initially training in Fitness Yoga, this gave me my first insight into the benefits of slowing down and being present in the mind and body when we move in exercise.


It wasn’t till moving abroad for a couple of years when I had more time to focus on my yoga more and explore its history and extensive benefits.


There is so much growing literature available now about the benefits of Yoga and with over five thousand years of history it is always allowing me to delve deeper into its history and delve deeper into my physical practise and the emotional and mental health aspect of meditation.

For me yoga is a journey we take both our mind and body on and it about allowing our mind and body to settle on the destination, it’s not about pushing the body to extremes, it is allowing the body to find its own path on what is right for us. It allows us to become more conscious in our mind and body in our fast-paced environment the world is these days this is really something unique and special.

In 2020, I created the Mindful Yogi Portal a place to explore yoga, meditation and relaxation safely through zoom classes and a library of postures, flows, meditation and relaxation activities both in video form and audio. Click here to explore more on The Mindful Yogi Portal.

I work online, in small group classes and one to one, if you would like to discuss working together further.


To book a free initial consultation please click here.

Bespoke Yoga Sessions 2 x 30 Mins per month via zoom £35.00

Bespoke Yoga Sessions 1 x 1hour session via zoom £30.00

Bespoke Yoga packages via zoom 6 x 30 Minute sessions £180.00

Bespoke Yoga via zoom 6 x 1hour sessions £160.00


350 Hours Level 4 Yoga Teacher Diploma Endorsed by OFQUAL, this study focused on the traditional yoga principles and methodology alongside contemporary fitness applications.

Advanced Freestyle Fitness Yoga

Fitness Yoga 

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